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3M™ Double Coated Tape 9731-100 is a 0.10 mm double sided tape on a clear polyester carrier with silicone adhesive on one side and 3M™ Hi Performance Acrylic Laminating Adhesive 350 on the other side. The tape has a 0.07 mm polyester liner on the silicone side and a 0.13 mm polycoated kraft paper liner on the acrylic side.


  • Adheres well to LSE materials and substrates including silicones
  • Acrylic and silicone adhesives provide excellent attachments for silicone keypads
  • General industrial, automotive, gasketing and sealing applications, transportation, and electronics
  • Sealing and gasketing applications, bonding, joining, attaching, affixing, vibration dampening, and keypad attachment


3M 9731-100 Clear Polyester Bonding Tape

    • Can be slit to prefered sizes
    • Can be slit to custom sizes
    • Paper or Plastic core available.
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