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Terms and Conditions

Information Accuracy of Site

Our data is current and updated to the best of our abilities. We try our best to provide reasonably accurate and updated information and all attributes of our products. All products, descriptions, services and prices of products and services are subjected to change at any point of time without notice.

Due to the difference in computer and other device's screen displays, colours may be inaccurate from the actual product. We are unable to warrant the accuracy for the content provided through the site.

Terms of Sale

By placing an order through our site you are hereby offering to purchase a product, representing you are of legal age to form a binding contract and all information being represented to us by you via this order is accurate and you are an authorised user of the payment method provided. The receipt of order does not constitute the accepted of any order. We retain the rights to refuse any orders made by you. 

Payment Terms

We accept payment through Stripe and Paypal through the site. Payment is on the spot and your order will not be processed if payment has not been made. All sales are final unless further discussion and an agreement has been made by bother parties (Delsson and Buyer).

Shipping Policies

Shipping of product will be subjected to the availability of our transport services as well as the country we will be shipping to.

Return and Refund Policies

No refund, return or exchanges unless discussed and agreed upon by both parties( Delsson and Buyer).

Disclaimer of liability

We will not be responsible and or will not be liable for any personal or third party damages including injuries, theft, destruction of product, software virus, loss, liability or expense that result in access of this site or due to the information on this site. 

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